Sunday, May 26, 2013


Aren't they cute?!!!

My kids loved having so many other kids to play with during the holidays. It makes me wish we were closer to family.

Aimee manning the craft table.

My kids love her I promise!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


 I told you I would do a post on Jett

 He learned how to tie a tie and wanted some for Christmas so that is what I got him.  Some slick looking ties.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how excited he was to get them.  He is learning to tie all sorts of cool ways.  See picture above.  (ok so mom is learning all the real cool ways but once he gets comfortable with the "traditional" way I have no doubt he will be impressing the ladies with his mad tie skills)
As well as his mad six pack.  He is obsessed with his abs.  Well, with working out in general right now.  As long as he is exercising we aren't complaining.  Today he mentioned how he is a "buff missionary" cause he was all decked out in his suit and tie.  
You know how Enola is all narcissistic about her looks, that is how Jett is about his muscles.  But I guess if you've got it....
(notice in the above picture how Jetts nipples seem far apart...I told them they were practically in his armpits.  Mom said they weren't.  What do you think?)
Jett also received his arrow of light this last Thurs.  I'm not entirely sure what that is but I do know it is AWESOME and we are all very proud of him.
And he cut his hippie hairstyle.

Friday, January 4, 2013


This is a post about Enola if you couldn't tell from the title.

First I wanted to start with this picture I took.  Taylor decided to grace us with his presence on Christmas and I couldn't pass up taking a picture of these two together.  Enola does little "taylor" things all the time, she is like the stone free female version of him.

Enola is constantly making us laugh.  The pictures below are from when I told her to look in my hand.  (notice how it is a piece of string) when she glanced and saw me coming near her she screamed and backed into my room and wouldn't come near me until I was able to catch her by the arm and drag her to me to really look at it.  It was pretty funny

Another funny story
We had sausages one day for breakfast and there were left overs, Enola wanted one the next day so she threw it in the microwave.  The little sausages began to let off steam making a high pitch whistling sound when Enola exclaimed.  "It sounds like they are crying...I can't take the screaming anymore" then took them out early.

Thanks to Allison Enola and I were able to go see the Mo Tab Christmas concert at the conference center.  Featuring Alfie Boe and Tom Brokaw but the best part was the surprise appearance by "The Candy Bomber" himself, Gail Halvorsen.  It was awesome
Ready to head out on the town.  Not sure why I couldn't open my eyes all the way even though it looks like I am trying really hard too. 

And finally one day Pops was lecturing Enola, like only Pops can (you know what I'm talking about siblings) anyway he's going on and on and she is sitting there listening when all of a sudden she just lets one rip and without missing a beat says to Pops, "My butt cheeks are applauding you"
Pretty sure the message got through!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Preaching to the choir

I wish we would have gotten her first attempt on video. It was so much more ungraceful and that much more fun to watch.
(yes that noise is from Enola)
and for those of you who asked last post She is dancing to "Some Nights" by FUN.  She was showing me how the lead singer danced in the video.

Jett on the other hand is less spazmatic.

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We thank you

So although I have over 100!! pictures to download on my camera it says there is nothing on there to download so you are going to miss the pic of dad in his fancy field worker hat installing not one but TWO new trees, here he is trying to figure out how to get the 800lb decorative rock out of the back of his truck.

Don't you worry all you Jett fans he will be in the next post.  I really only had one picture of him on my phone and it was when he passed out in the back seat of my car.  But here is one of Enola and I after one of our YW activities that went off the rails.
Aint she pretty, the blonde aint so bad either :) 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nuff said

This girl makes me laugh.

"You know that's what I'm taking about"

Sorry about the video quality I don't have a fancy phone.  And NO I wasn't pulling a "mom" I knew the video wouldn't rotate I was just seeing if I could get more of her mad dancing skills in there.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little of nothing

These are just some of the ways we find Cat

He's not rolling, this is how he lays.

We have more pictures but I can't find them.

Our fire season has been crazy
The "Dump Fire" to our West

"Wood Hollow" to our South.
"Quail Fire" to our West
Stupid new blog is ruining everything.  Sorry it looks so weird for the last 2. But you get the idea

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I already apologized on my blog

A lot happens in 2 months but I only have pictures for...

 Enola got grey contacts because....

 She is obsessed with the British tv show Sherlock.  
This is a Sherlock pose by the way.

Last time I posted Jett hadn't started baseball and now the season is over.  They went all season without 
being defeated at loosing.
 He did awesome when he played catcher.  When he was in the outfield he would get bored and start dancing or playing in the dirt.

 He had no fear.  It was so fun to watch him catch.  If a runner on third would get too far off the base he would chase them all the way back.  One time he got close to tagging the kid out by running from home.  Even the other catchers mom liked watching Jett play catch cause he was so funny.

 This picture doesn't show it but he got quite a few hits.  

 We called him the Threat when we ran the dirty dash (see my blog) because in soccer and baseball he is so fast the other teams didn't know what to do.  He would steal second and not stop, one time the short stop had the ball and he flew past him to third.  No fear. 

 I could never slide like this kid does.  He will slid hit the bag and pop right up. Just like a pro.

 I wish I would have gotten the inning before because he stole home and WAS safe, this one, not so close :) 
I'm partial to watching him play baseball because I love to play it myself but he says he likes soccer more.  I hope he continues to play both though because it was so much fun to go to the games.  

I can't believe my gorgeous little sister is 15! I let her drive about once a week.  Last night I even let her move my car from one side of the church to the other (without me there).  Bad news for me is she forgot to take the emergency brake off and doesn't understand how to be gentle when putting on the brakes.  Which made her real nervous driving to night games later that night.